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Until now, online reputation management companies have kept their knowledge of Reputation Management and SEO under wraps with online reputation management programs costing thousands of dollars a month. Reputation Management Software, on the other hand, has utilized their skills and knowledge to develop reputation software that allows the end-user to easily manage their very own online reputation. Whether you are in need of online reputation management for yourself or your business, Reputation Management Software can help!

Before Reputation Management Software was launched, reputation management was typically handled by a reputation management firm at an exorbitant monthly rate. Reputation management firms would create websites and web 2.0 properties and use various SEO techniques to help increase the ranking of the newly created websites and web properties and suppress negative links in Google. Reputation Management Software has simplified the entire process of online reputation management by developing software that offers their valued customers a simple way to create and manage multiple website profiles, social media profiles, and other web-based properties.

The new Reputation Management Software offers a user-friendly admin panel that allows customers to independently manage their websites from one easy to use dashboard. Whether you want to update your site with fresh new content or add a custom billboard, it offers an easy, cost-effective, and smart way to manage your online reputation. The dashboard also provides users with an easy way to view their link positions in major search engines in real time with an automatic positions monitoring feature.

Reputation Management Software customers can also use the software to collect reviews from their top customers; It will then post the positive reviews on all of the top review sites to help boost the customer’s star ratings. The software also monitors and tracks all of the top review sites so that thecustomers can log into their dashboard and quickly see their total number of reviews, both positive and negative, as well as their official rating on top review sites.

Reputation Management Software customers also benefit with the help of the reviews alert feature that sends email alerts as reviews are posted on all of the top review sites.

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